Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paid by Break Studios

I just received my first payment from Break Studios--thirty-two dollars--deposited into my PayPal account. Yipee!!!

This was for my writing of four articles of approximately 450 words each ($8 per article).

Although this is not a lot of money to pay a writer--piddly, in fact--these four articles were incredibly fun and very easy to write. I chose either the “how-to” or the strategy articles, which basically gives the reader step-by-step instructions in a particular area (using the 1, 2, 3 format).

If you haven’t heard of Break Studios, let me give you a run-down:

Break Studios is a lot like Demand Studios. You get to choose from a list of articles and you have a certain amount of days to write them. At a predetermined time--the lst and the 15th of the month for Break Studios--they deposit payment for your completed (and accepted) articles into your PayPal account.

I have written for Demand Studios also (but not for over a year) and I found the articles at Break Studios much more enjoyable to write. At Demand Studios, for instance, I was only approved to write articles for eHow, and writing these how-to articles got very boring, very quickly.

I also found the Demand Studios’ editors to be very flaky. (One editor, for instance, sent an article back to me for revision simply because I had put two spaces after my periods instead of the one space required by the writer’s guidelines). EXCUSE me…I have been double spacing after every period for the past 30 some years and it’s a habit. So far, I have had no such problems with the editors at Break Studios.

So, although the pay isn’t great, I am (so far) impressed with Break Studios and intend to keep writing for them periodically.

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